“On the outside, Peter Caine appears to have it all: the perfect girlfriend, a successful career, invitations to all the best events. He’s even taken over custody of his son after his ex-wife dies. But Caine is not like other people. A ruthless defense lawyer, he seems to lack emotion or compassion and does not particularly care whom he steps on to get what he wants. When a former lover is murdered, and the evidence starts pointing toward Caine, he’s confident he can prove to everyone that he had nothing to do with it, but his reputation may just backfire on him. Can he solve the murder and convince everyone that he’s not the guy they think he is? A practicing psychotherapist, Brady has created a character who is both believable and easy to hate. The latter may turn off some readers, but those who love digging into the minds of characters who look but don’t act like the rest of us will find themselves on the edge of their seats until the very end.”

Library Journal:

“Peter Caine, a prosperous criminal defense attorney, is determined to succeed no matter the cost. Although he suffered a miserable childhood, abandoned by his mother and raised by an uncaring uncle, he has rewritten his past and will do anything to stay in the upper echelons of New York society. Now, he lives in luxury with his girlfriend Claire, with whom he shares a comfortable but emotionally arid relationship. According to their therapist, this results from his inability to feel “human” emotions. When his ex-wife dies suddenly and Peter is saddled with a teenage son with whom he never bothered to have a relationship, his apathy becomes even more apparent. Then his former mistress Charlie, the stepdaughter of a DA who is Peter’s courtroom enemy, is murdered, with the evidence pointing to Peter as the killer. With suspicions high and his past behavior indefensible, Peter finds himself fighting to prove his innocence. But when a sociopath cries wolf, will anyone listen?

VERDICT Brady (The Blind) has written another taut psychological thriller that will keep readers guessing till the very end. Recommended.—Cynthia Price, Francis Marion Univ. Lib., Florence, SC"

TopShelf Magazine:

"When Peter Cain--an ambitious Manhattan criminal defense attorney, a man who represents everything morally reprehensible about the legal system, concerned only with gaining successful acquittals for the very worst dregs of society--is framed for the murder of a former mistress, the stepdaughter of New York's own District Attorney, his life is thrust into a desperate search for clues, forcing him to confront his own deep moral flaws, and face the dreadful recompense of his life's actions. A.F. Brady has woven a masterpiece of psychological tension; guiding readers down a long and winding countryside, quickly gaining steam, and finally speeding like a runaway train, toward one of the best last chapters of any suspense novel, EVER! Once a Liar is a taut psychological thriller with an ending that will leave you breathless! You will NOT be disappointed." - Donald Richard, TopShelf Reviews

A smart, nuanced and spine-chilling portrayal of a sociopath walking among us. Can Peter Caine overcome his illness in time to save himself? Brady's depth of knowledge and skillful hand make us root for him in spite of everything he may—or may not—have done. Once a Liar is a thriller you won't soon forget.” - Wendy Walker, bestselling author of All Is Not Forgotten


A.F. Brady delivers a knockout sophomore effort. Peter Caine has a very Patrick Bateman air about him, and the whole story sizzles with sinister madness and incessant tension right to the last page. Not to be missed.” - J.T. Ellison, NYT Bestselling author of Tear Me Apart


“A.F. Brady’s latest proves once again people aren’t always what they seem. Peter Caine is a cutthroat criminal defense attorney, instantly suspicious, heartless. But is he a murderer? Brady is a master of intense characters and riveting storylines.” - Kaira Rouda, bestselling author of Best Day Ever

Fresh Fiction:

“After his ex-wife Juliette dies, Manhattan criminal defense attorney Peter Caine's fifteen-year-old son Jamie comes to live with him and his girlfriend Claire. Peter had enough trouble as it was with his long-time enemy DA Harrison Doyle as well as with a former client who was just paroled, but when Peter's on-and-off mistress Charlie - the DA's stepdaughter - is murdered, Peter's carefully planned life is about to unravel.

In the world of thrillers, serial killers abound, but I've recently developed a taste for sociopaths. When done correctly, they are way more interesting, because more live among us than we would like to acknowledge; this is what A.F. Brady has done with the stunning ONCE A LIAR. Told in the first person from Peter Caine's POV, the narrative smoothly alternates between the present day and past. This psychological thriller is well written and flawlessly edited; the dialogues are excellent and I marveled at the unique and distinctive voices of the characters. The book is evenly paced - not slow but not barreling at a furious pace either until we reach the shocking conclusion. I must admit that Ms. Brady had me completely baffled, and I had absolutely no inkling as to who was guilty of what. Peter is a sociopath, and Ms. Brady did a terrific job at conveying Peter's state of mind. I was also pleasantly surprised that the author, who is a woman, channels an entirely convincing male voice. The story is tightly plotted, and it's only when you get to the conclusion that you realize how meticulously the story was planned, and how necessary the Now and Then were in making the whole thing crystal clear in hindsight.

For a good while I thought that there might have been a little something missing, that it lacked a little oomph, but as ONCE A LIAR gathers its momentum and nears the end, there was more than enough oomph to compensate. In fact, getting there was crucial, as all that happened "then" matters "now." Peter is not a very appealing man, which is to be expected under the circumstances, and yet his story kept me riveted because of the uncertainty, right from the first pages. The characters are wonderfully defined and held more surprises than I could ever have imagined; this goes for on particular secondary - Sinan Khan - a partner in Peter's firm. If you're craving for something different, ONCE A LIAR is just the book for you!


American Psycho meets Behind Closed Doors in this electrifying psychological thriller, in which a high-powered sociopath meets his reckoning when he's accused of the brutal murder of his mistress."

Judith D Collins:

Absolutely fabulous. Fast-paced, taut, intense, sinister, dark, twisty, masterfully written, addictive, clever, and deliciously disturbing—you won’t be able to put this down until its jaw-dropping, satisfying ending.”​

Publishers Weekly:

"Manhattan defense attorney Peter Caine, the narrator of this creepy thriller from Brady (The Blind), has built his carefully constructed life on lies and achieved great success despite his fraught childhood, but it’s come at a price: he neglects his live-in girlfriend of eight years, and he’s been estranged from his 15-year-old son, who’s now in his custody after his ex-wife’s death. Now, a long running feud with scheming New York County DA Harrison Doyle, who once humiliated him during a trial, has come to a head. When Doyle’s stepdaughter and Caine’s mistress, Charlotte Doyle, is stabbed to death, the evidence points to Caine’s guilt. Can he prove his innocence and keep his house of cards intact? Weaving between past and present, Caine offers insight into his failed marriage and the events that created a man incapable of feeling and scornful of human weakness. Amid a seething culture of depravity and ruinous corruption, shocking revelations pave the way to an explosive finale. Fans of unusual protagonists are in for a treat."

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